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Due to the recent changes to the freedom camping regulations, Go-Pods will no longer be able to attain the self-containment certification, as they do not include a fixed toilet.

There are unfortunately no plans to incorporate a fixed toilet/washroom in the near future, but Go-Pods can still be enjoyed at any of the fantastic campsites across NZ.


Usually camp in tents but ready for a little more comfort?
With a generous seating area that converts to a queen size bed (with a 4 inch thick memory foam mattress) dual fuel blown air heating to keep you cosy & warm, and all of your cooking facilities inside, the Go-Pod provides all of the comfort that you would normally expect from an affordable caravan for sale in New Zealand, without any of the extra hassle.


Uncomfortable/inexperienced towing a caravan?
The Go-Pods anti-snaking design means they’re extremely steady & easy to tow, even with small-engined cars. No special driving skills are required & they’re easier to manoeuvre when unhitched than larger, heavier & less affordable caravans. They’re ideal for first time towers and a popular choice with single ladies & gents of all ages. It's likely that you won't even need to change your car.


And because there are no extension mirrors to attach and no stuff to load, you’ll be more spontaneous - just leave your Go-Pod packed ready like a suitcase, hitch up and go! Maybe even really get away from it all by visiting the more remote camp sites that larger, less affordable caravans & motorhomes can’t access.


Considering a motorhome or campervan?
While they have their perks, lots of our current customers have downsized from motorhomes or campervans in favour of a lower cost, easier to maintain option in the Go-Pod. The most common regret we've heard from these owners was not having the use of their car when away - or having to bring an extra vehicle on holiday at considerable extra expense.

There are also the added costs of running & maintaining an extra vehicle to take into account, as well as the steep depreciation in comparison to a Go-Pod.

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