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Some Background

The first Go-Pod was sold in 2006 and although much has changed, the basic concept has remained true. For 15 years the Go-Pod has been England's #1 mini caravan - selling more than 3000 units.


The image below is a recent photo of an original 2006 model and although the front window has changed along the way, the sleek hallmark appearance has been retained.

Our aim was to create the best mini caravan (micro tourer) possible, offering people convenience, affordability, comfortable camping and long lasting quality & practicality.

We believe that being smaller, everything becomes easier to use, a lot less worry and considerably more fun. 

This thought is the basis for the modern day Go-Pod.

2006 Cockpig.jpg
New 2020 Go-Pod Current Model

From real camping experience, our designers knew that the bathrooms in most caravans are seldom used and often become a store room.


It's simply easier to use a campsite's facilities than collect shower water, risk adding moisture to a caravan, wiping it all down after use and then disposing of the grey water too!  


Luckily, with the emergence of online sites such as Tripadvisor, campsites had to step up their game and offer better, cleaner shower blocks - or else suffer results of bad reviews! Go-Pods could confidently remove the need for a built in bathroom & the design reached true micro-tourer proportions.

By reducing its dimensions, we found that people who did not previously like the idea of towing, were enticed by the Go-Pod's anti-wobble, anti-snaking design.

Storage was no longer an issue and many owners found they could even use their garage at home - or otherwise easily find a small area to keep a Pod. This was not only good for security but by keeping it at home, you'll be more likely to use your Pod and get the most from your investment.

Apart from the storage benefits, moving the Pod becomes easier than a regular caravan, as does towing, setting up and even cleaning! And with increased convenience comes a lot more fun.

Production is always pre-sold, meaning it’s best to order as early as possible to avoid seasonal demand. We now export Go-Pods across Europe, Scandinavia, Australasia and even South America.


As with the UK, we don't use other caravan dealerships but instead we sell online and ship direct to our customers. Thus cutting costs and giving our customers the best possible value for money.

Buy with confidence!

Go-Pod parts & components are mainly generic and this means that your local caravan dealership will be able to work on and repair your Go-Pod should this be required. For servicing, requirements are minimal and your caravan mechanic can download a Service Work Schedule to follow. To download, please click here.


The body of the Go-Pod is made from GRP which is very tough & will resist considerable punishment. However should a repair become necessary, a regular car repair centre could certainly do this for you, in the same way as they would mend a Fibreglass sports car or boat.

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