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First Pod in New Zealand

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Tessa in Richmond was the first New Zealander to import a Go-Pod from the UK in 2018 - she really set the ball rolling!

Here's what she had to say after receiving her Pod;

"Hi Go-Pods,

I hope you have had a relaxing and happy Christmas, probably less busy now its winter over there. It's 28 degrees here today.

Here is a picture of the Pod on it's way home to Nelson, having just traversed the Lewis Pass, one of NZ 's highest alpine road passes.

It finally was unpacked from its container in Christchurch, after 54 days in transit.

It was so exciting to finally see it in reality and looking ever so tiny and cute. I am rapt with it.

I had no problem towing it with my Mazda 2 car, and unlike Britain New Zealand has very hilly and windy roads.

Am still sorting through all the technical stuff and might have a few queries for the after sales team.

I am so grateful for all your help in making the purchase and getting it on it's way to New Zealand. It's already got lots of attention and astonishment that so much is packed into such a small space , and able to be towed by such a small car.

So I'm sure the pamphlets you tucked into it will be quickly distributed when it gets its first camping trip in early January.

Hope you have a happy and safe new year.

Cheers Tessa."

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