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How do I ship a caravan from UK to NZ?

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

The UK has a very well established camping & caravanning industry (dating back to 1880) with competitive prices for well crafted and sought after brands of caravans. As a result, there's a lot of demand for UK caravans both domestically & abroad.

British caravans first arrived in New Zealand in the 1960s, and the concept of the touring caravan has only grown in popularity in the years since. UK caravans are often far more affordable than their NZ counterparts (even with shipping fees & import duty taken into account) so will be a consideration to make for any first time caravan-er looking for an affordable caravan for sale.

Importing a UK caravan may seem like a daunting prospect to some, but the actual process is quite simple and most of the work is taken care of by your appointed shipping agent.

For our Go-Pod micro tourer caravans, there are only 4 steps to the process;

  1. Place your order online via

  2. Make contact with a shipping agent. (Lots of our customers have worked with Extreme Global who are specialists in importing UK caravans into NZ, and AutoBox Logistics, a partner of Extreme Global - details at bottom of article)

  3. Your shipping agent will quote you in advance for the shipping costs. If you accept, you'll pay them directly.

  4. We'll work with your shipping agent to make the earliest possible sailing date. Once your Go-Pod has been delivered to the UK port, your shipping agent will take over & keep you updated on the progress of the ship.

Go-Pods are a great option for a UK caravan import due to their lightweight & compact nature - weighing around 540kg as factory standard, and with a length of just 4.20m, the Go-Pod can often share a container with another caravan or vehicle, greatly reducing the shipping cost to New Zealand.

When you factor this in with the low overall cost (starting from just £11,995 ≈ $23,200 at time of writing), low maintenance costs & the fact that Go-Pods hold their value extremely well compared to other caravans, they really do make excellent financial sense for a first time caravan buyer.





Taylor Palmer - Go-Pod Sales -

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