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Specially spec’d to suit New Zealand’s towing regulations, the Go-Pod NZ has everything you’ll need to explore the great outdoors in comfort.


Designed for use with either electric hook-up or totally off-grid, the Go-Pod NZ is the new camper van alternative, that’s cheaper to buy, cheaper to run and more flexible - allowing you the freedom to use your vehicle whilst camping, without breaking down your campsite. 


The Go-Pod NZ’s seating area quickly converts to in to a sumptuous & very comfortable king size bed, (or two single beds), that’s more comfortable than the typical rock n’roll type camper van bed. And importantly, there’s still room to stand, cook & dress, even when the bed is made up.


Incredibly easy to tow, (even for first timers with no prior experience), and cleverly designed to be completely anti-snake & wobble-free in transit. While it’s lightweight design not only means that it’s far more manoeuvrable than regular caravans but also towable by many small engined cars, with towing capacities of just 750Kg.


The one-piece GRP shell means there are no seams to leak and makes the whole design inherently tough & durable. While creature comforts like thermostatically controlled blown air heating means you’ll be able to enjoy your fully insulated Go-Pod NZ in all seasons.


The pop-top raises with ease, to provide full standing height and a large solar panel, (permanently fitted on top of the pop-top), automatically trickle charges the on-board leisure battery.


The Go-Pod NZ features our latest integral sink / dual gas hob combo too, with heat resistant, fold down glass worktops.


The 12V power system has UK plug sockets which will need adapting once imported into NZ.


A quick-erect, air beam style, full awning is included, providing additional living space, as and when it’s required. Useful for guests, people with pets and those extended stay-overs.


The Go-Pod NZ is designed with a useful front box / external gas locker too, that’s pre-plumbed ready to accept a gas bottle and offers additional storage for things like electric cables or security devices.


This gas fitting will have to be adapted to fit NZ regulations once imported.


There’s even NZ compatible, 12 pin flat plug tow electrics pre-fitted so that your Go-Pod NZ will be ready to go on arrival!


Ideal for solo travellers, couples & even young families wanting to get away with significantly less hassle. Easy to set up, easy to use and easy to store - the Go-Pod really is all about convenience. And the easier things are, the more fun you’ll have!


Visit our online shop & further tailor your Go-Pod NZ to suit your own way of camping, with a comprehensive choice of optional Add-Ons.


The manufacturers reserve the right to amend the Go-Pods design, components & features without prior notice, as required.


By placing an order, you are accepting our Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy.


Go-Pod NZ - £13,995

  • Moulded GRP Shell eliminates the risk of seam leaks.
  • Lightweight design so most small cars can tow.
  • Easier to manoeuvre than a regular caravan when unhitched.
  • AL-KO braking system.
  • AL-KO running gear and hitch.
  • Galvanised AL-KO steel chassis
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Front box / external gas locker.
  • 100W solar panel.
  • Full awning (airbeam type - unspecified design).
  • R13 tyres.
  • Full spec spare wheel.
  • Fully undersealed.
  • Two rear wind down stabiliser legs.
  • Adjustable opening side windows.
  • Secure window locks.
  • Stainless steel door hinges.
  • Mains hook up 240V in socket.
  • LED porch light.
  • Truma water pump socket.
  • TV aerial socket.
  • Porthole style door window.
  • Choice of blade decal colours. 
  • High level rear brake light.
  • Rear LED brake & indicator lights.
  • NZ style flat plug 12 pin tow electrics.
  • Wall cavity insulation.
  • Anti-snaking, wobble-free design.
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