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Go-Pods are all about convenience and this stress-busting accessory is one of the most popular.


The motor mover consists of two units fitted either side of the Go-Pod. At the push of a button, the drive rollers engage against the caravan’s tyres. Your Go-Pod can now be effortlessly manoeuvred over rough ground, up slopes or in to tight spaces by simply using the directional buttons on the handset.


For best results, we recommend an inflatable jockey wheel be used in conjunction with this item. 


Weight: approx 42Kg.


Strongly recommended for singles, ladies and those preferring maximum convenience from their Go-Pod. 


Although Go-Pods move easily on smooth flat surfaces like tarmac, the effort required increases as the surface deteriorates. Soft earth, long grass, troughs and inclines all increase resistance, with the worst surface being gravel, which will lock up the wheels of any trailer.


Important: Fitting a motor mover to your Go-Pod is a specialist job requiring bespoke brackets and should only be fitted by our experienced workshop staff.

Auto Motor Mover

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