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A popular accessory for people travelling solo, with their pets or with children.


Utilises the existing bolster infill cushion to increase the width of the left hand single bed by a full 190mm. Providing a sturdy support and a wider single bed option.


The table can still be used while the bed is made up, so there's no need to make a bed up each night, as it can be conveniently left in place if preferred. 


The new flap out design with legs that automatically drop down in an instant means that it great for a quick afternoon snooze to, without having to set up the full bed!


Tip: Remove the side, backrest cushion from the wall for even more bed width.


Many of our customers who use Go-Pods to attend dog agility or obedience events prefer this configuration, as there is plenty of room for dog beds on the opposite bunk & so it often negates the necessity of putting up the awning.


The support platform is easily removeable and does not affect the operation of the king size bed option.


A simple upgrade that offers even more versatility.


Weight: under 3Kg.

Single Bed Upgrade

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