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Protect your Go-Pod with this bespoke, tailor made winter cover.


Made by a leading UK manufacturer from breathable, top grade fabric. The cover unzips for access to the entry door while covered and has a transparent built in top panel, that allows the solar panel to function while the cover is on.


Additionally for residential areas where storing caravans isn't encouraged, this smart looking cover is a good way to disguise & hide your Go-Pod from prying eyes.


Weight: under 20Kg.


More info:

Made by Pro-Tec Covers from a material called 'Caravan Shield' that consists of three compressed layers and has a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer. The material is heavy duty, 99.9% waterproof & breathable, (that's why it cannot be fully 100% waterproof), with a softer, scratch resistent inner layer.

Winter Cover

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