Shipping & Returns

Although we don't have dealerships in New Zealand, it's still possible to see one, buy direct from the UK and have it shipped to your address. And it's certainly not as difficult as it sounds!


Plus we don't have to charge our VAT / sales tax, (GST), saving 20% which has already been deducted from the advertised price. In turn, this considerable tax-free reduction greatly helps to offset the importation fees.

How it works...

After placing your Go-Pod order online, you should make contact with a Shipping Agent who will work for you &  take care of all shipping details on your behalf.


A number of customers have previously worked with the New Zealand based shipping company Extreme Global who have UK offices and previous experience of transporting Go-Pods to NZ. 


They’ll quote you for the shipping costs in advance and if you accept their offer, you will be paying them directly for the shipping charges. You can also contact them in advance of ordering for a quotation of course.


Once you have instructed your Shipping Agent to proceed, they will contact us with sailing dates of the vessels to NZ. We’ll work with them to ensure your Go-Pod catches the first possible sailing.


Production times vary with seasonal demand and our sales team will be able to advise regarding current lead times.


Transit times are between 42 and 58 days, depending on the New Zealand destination Port. 


Our terms are are ‘ex-works’ which means any charges after your Go-Pod leaves our workshops is for the customer’s account. For example, there would be a charge delivering your Go-Pod to the Port of Exit. Most shippers stipulate delivery to the UK seaport of Hull and this costs £250.00 GBP which would be added to your Go-Pod invoice.


We can deliver to other seaports if preferred but there may be an additional transport charge based on the distance from our workshops.


All prices are shown in £GBP, (British Pounds), and payment is required by bank transfer please, with bank charges for the buyers account.

Fiona collecting Go-Pod in New Zealand.j

Chris Ward of Extreme Global has this to say:

Extreme Global greatly enjoys the relationship forged with Go-Pods.

As a specialized auto-sector freight forwarder, we are ideally placed to look after your purchase and manage the complete logistics process to New Zealand.

Apart from Go-Pods, we specialise in cars, caravans & motor homes from our five depots across the UK to Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch.

We have strong relationships with our UK agent, service providers and as importantly, the shipping lines that provide the space so that we can confidently move your Go-Pod to New Zealand even during the most challenging times.