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Warrant of Fitness & Rego

The following step by step account of how to arrange Rego and WOF requirements has kindly been supplied by Go-Pod owner Fiona:

Prior to your Go-Pod NZ arriving, you need to register it with NZTA.  This is easy to do either online or at any AA shop & gives you your number plate and Rego sticker that must be attached before driving off from the freight depot.  

Remember to take double-sided sticky pads to fix the number plate on with.

On leaving the freight depot you have to tow it straight to the nearest WOF testing station to get the WOF as it’s not road legal without this.  This is where they test and inspect the chassis, brakes, tow lights etc. making sure they are all up to NZ safety standards and working correctly.

At that point you are legal to drive off anywhere you like, however before you plug into any mains electrics at home or in a camp site, you need to get an electrical & gas WOF or any problems or accidents caused won't be covered by your insurance.  This is required for all the internal electrics - lights, power-points, fridge, battery etc.  This has to be done by a qualified domestic electrician, (and plumber for the gas side), who is also registered for caravan WOF work.

Your local vehicle WOF testing station should have a list of the qualified tradesmen in you area. They will usually come to your house to do the inspection and issue the certificate there.

Please note that your Go-Pod is shipped without a gas regulator fitted to the gas system. A regulator will be fitted, (inside of the front box), by your gas fitter, to suit your choice of gas bottle.

What about CSC and freedom camping?

Pod freedom camping copy.jpg

You don't need this if you are staying at campsites with bathroom facilities but it is a legal requirement if you want to freedom camp.

To be entitled to freedom camp you need to meet certain requirements. The CSC, (Certificate of Self Containment), has to be issued by a qualified self containment testing officer.  There are a number of websites with contact numbers in all areas of NZ.  They too will usually come to your house to do the inspection there.

The objective of this Standard is to define the minimum facilities that a motor caravan or caravan needs to contain the waste which its occupants produce, and to provide the fresh water which they require, for a minimum of three days.

For more details on CSC please click here.

Some modifications for attaining your CSC can be done on request before your Go-Pod is shipped. Please contact us on with your requirements.

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