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  • Where can I see a Go-Pod?
    There’s a growing network of volunteers! These are real customers who have bought & use a Go-Pod themselves. They kindly offer viewings to others as part of our Referrals & Rewards programme, providing people the opportunity to speak to a real owner, rather than a scripted sales person. After viewing, customers are invited to order online. To find a viewing location, please click here. We also invite new owners to join our Referrals Programme. The programme is growing in NZ and our owners offer a wealth of real experience to interested new parties. We reward every sale so it’s a win-win relationship.
  • How long have Go-Pods been around?
    The first Go-Pod was originally produced back in 2006 and was called the Falcon Cockpit. The range was re-branded to its current name in 2013.
  • Can I buy a Go-Pod from anywhere else?
    We are the sole suppliers of the Go-Pod, they are exclusive and are not available to buy elsewhere.
  • Can my car pull a Go-Pod?
    To determine if your tow vehicle can pull a Go-Pod NZ please follow the link to check NZ regulations - click here.
  • Weights & payload
    The Go-Pod NZ weighs approx 605Kg. This means there is a generous user payload of approximately 145Kg. Figures are approximated and do not allow for water, optional extras or personal effects. Classified as a ‘Light Simple Trailer’ in the class ‘TA Trailers’, the GVM, (gross vehicle mass), is 750Kg and a Go-Pod should not be loaded above this figure. In other words, the Go-Pod including the payload should remain below 750Kg. If in doubt we recommend carrying more of the payload & heavier items inside of the car.
  • What tow bar do I need?
    You need a high-rise 50mm tow ball with a locking plate and for the electrics, either a 12 pin, flat plug tow socket and a 13 pin round Euro style socket. You can select your preference at checkout.
  • How do I order a Go-Pod?
    To secure your order and delivery date, a non-refundable deposit is required. Orders should be placed online - please click here to visit the Shop.
  • Deposits
    A £2000.00 GBP deposit is payable at time of ordering. This can be paid by international bank transfer.
  • When is the balance payment due?
    To avoid missing your sailing date, please ensure your balance payment is received at least 10 days prior.
  • Paying the balance
    These should be made by international bank transfer please in British Pounds. Bank: Barclays Bank Plc. Lord Street Branch. Liverpool. UK Account: Red Lion Caravan Centre Ltd., IBAN: GB87BARC20510140464813 BIC code: BUKBGB22 NB. All charges are for the buyers account. Please use your surname as payment reference.
  • How do I get my Go-Pod?
    Your Go-Pod NZ will be shipped from the UK. More details on the Shipping page of this website.
  • What about WOF and Rego?
    It’s easy to achieve Rego & WOF - for more details please click here.
  • What about CSC - Certified Self-Containment?
    Although not a legal requirement, CSC is encouraged by the NZMCA. For more details please click here.
  • Are Go-Pods insulated?
    The Go-Pod NZ is very well insulated with Styrofoam block insulation fitted between the outer wall and the inner skin.
  • What are the tyre pressures & sizes?
    Go-Pod NZ trailer tyres are 35 psi. Please replace with the same type as fitted - 175/70R13 86N. It is recommended not to cross tyre brands on the same axle. Please observe standard tyre safety guidelines & check your country's guidelines regarding tyre regulations & requirements. If you have an inflatable jockey wheel, please check the side of the tyre for inflating pressure details.
  • Go-Pod warranty
    Your Go-Pod has a 1 year manufacturer's warranty on all non-consumable parts. Warranties are non-transferable. To download a pdf copy please click here.
  • Servicing of your Go-Pod
    Servicing can be carried out by any local caravan dealership with a workshop. To download the service schedule please click here.
  • After sales, maintenance & repairs"
    Go-Pod parts & components are mainly generic and this means that your local caravan dealership will be able to work on and repair your Go-Pod NZ if required. The body shell is made from GRP which is very tough & will resist damage. Should repairs be necessary, a regular car repair centre could do this for you in the same way as they would repair a Fibreglass sports car or boat. To contact our after-sales team please email and CC
  • Where is my VIN / chassis number?
    Your chassis number can be found on a stamped plate on the square draw bar at the front. The longest number on the plate is the VIN number.
  • Who sells the Go-Pod NZ?
    The Go-Pod is solely marketed worldwide by UK based company Go Promotions Ltd - on behalf of the manufacturers, Red Lion Caravans Ltd, 300 Southport Road, Scarisbrick, Lancashire, PR8 5LF, United Kingdom. The Go-Pod NZ is not available elsewhere.
  • Where is the Go-Pod NZ made?
    The structural part of the Go-Pod NZ is built in our specialist Portuguese plant before being shipped to our UK workshops for final fitting.
  • Who do I contact for warranty issues?
    For warranty issues please contact: and please copy in T: 00 44 1704 88 99 73. Please note when contacting by phone that UK time is around 12 hours behind New Zealand. Thank you.
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